360 Video for Tau Day

I made a Tau Day video with a full Tau radians. I don’t usually make Tau Day videos (just the one), but in the past few days people have been asking, and so I found myself thinking: if I were to make a Tau Day video, what would it be? Here I’ve been busy working with VR and spherical videos rather than spending time cultivating video ideas. But wait a second… spherical videos, Tau, there’s a thing!

It felt like about time to post something spherical on my main channel now that YouTube can handle the kind of videos my team has been working on for the past year, and Tau has to do with spheres, so it made too much sense to not do. And it’s about time for a VR reality check, spherical video on my normal YouTube channel with its large and broad audience.

I wanted to be lazy and have a normal person weekend where I don’t burn myself out working all the time and I feel terrible and tired, but it simply had to be done, there was no choice. It fit too perfectly. My body simply wrote, filmed, and then edited this video even as my mouth was like, “Vi, what are you doing. I don’t want to do this. Go lie in bed and stare at the ceiling or something, please. There is no reason to do this. No one is paying you to do this and it will not be satisfying in any way whatsoever and you will regret it. Why, hands, are you carrying around and setting up these items? Why, feet, are you walking up and down the stairs? Truly, there is no such thing as free will.”

Singing is fun, though. Hadn’t even touched my guitar since I got a piano. Music is a thing. While I waited for it to upload (for the second time, because I forgot YouTube spherical functionality is still pretty finicky) I took the opportunity to mess around with the guitar a bit:

Just the Tau Day song is here:

Description on YouTube:

A spherical video for Tau Day! 360 degrees of video, or is it?

I’ve been doing spherical video and VR stuff for over a year now, with Emily Eifler and Andrea Hawksley as the VR research group eleVR. A year ago we had to build our own camera and stitch video by hand and write our own video player but now I can just film with this little camera and post it online, it’s awesome!

We have many videos and spherical vlogs on our channel, and we have lots of research content on our website.

If you’re ever too confused about where I am and what I’m doing, there’s always my twitter and my website.

The original Tau song

I particularly like this remix

Don’t know what Tau is? see “Pi is (still) Wrong”