Doodling Dragon Dungeons

Remember that video about doodling dragons and fractals and stuff? I finally finished part 2! Here is a magnet link so you can dowload it via torrent. Here it is on vimeo: You can tell I worked on it for a long time over many interruptions (travelling and other stuff), because in order to keep […]


What are Scutoids? | Nets for Papercraft Scutoids | Rambling About Scutoids | Mathy Definition (work in progress) 1. What are Scutoids? Scutoids are a kind of shape similar to prisms, but where the ends are different polygons. The sides transition from one polygon to the other by having another vertex in there, so there’s […]

Tau Day 2018: Suspend Your Disbelief

Script: I’m going to do a very special Tau Day video this year and break the 4th wall a bit. If you’re a fan worried I might ruin the Vi Hart Brandsperience this video is especially for you. Now, a youtuber’s brand is this delicate thing sustained through collaboration between the artist and audience. If […]

Crowdfunding Nowfunding! And Halloween update.

  1stly: I’m Crowdfunding! We’ve been ramping up the Patreon campaign over the past few weeks, and the response has been pretty overwhelming, with almost a thousand new people pledging to support me with their hard-earned dollars, for a total that is now over $5,000 a month! It has been successful enough that I’ve decided […]

Giant List of Videos

I’ve made a lot of videos! Here’s a spreadsheet of info/links, and a list of torrents below that. I am not very good at spreadsheets or webpages; I am only good at videos. The table below was output from this spreadsheet of my videos and some of the values are cut off, but basically there’s: […]

A Case Study in Musical Memory and Past Lives

[I just made this giant tech post on the eleVR blog about audio for VR film, which got me in the mood for a post with actual audio included in it. Sorry for neglecting you, regular blog!] This is a story about two piano pieces. Memory is weird. Things change fast and I change fast […]

Dragon Scales, motivation and stuff.

The final installment of the Dragon series is done. You can download it via torrent or on vimeo: Here’s part 1 via torrent or vimeo, and part 2 via torrent or vimeo. I am glad to be done with this series. I wrote the first draft of what had been a video on L-systems sometime […]


Q: What is this! How did I get here! What are you doing to my eyes!? A: I am Vi Hart! I am a real person, and I make videos and virtual reality and other things. Sorry about the bright yellow. It amuses me. This is my personal website, not some “Vi Hart brand Websperience” […]

List of Torrents

[this may be a bit out of date; hopefully humans are keeping the torrents alive but results not guaranteed. Try the Giant List of Videos to find vimeo links you can download videos from!] These videos are CC-NC. You are free to download them and share them and do anything non-commercial that you want to […]