Christmas Page

I made a new page to collect all the Christmas and Winter Holiday stuff I’ve done over the years:

This includes documentation I just took yesterday of a 2014 Christmas project called Child:

And, because I might as well as long as I’m making time for this stuff, here’s documentation of the 2015 Christmas project Snowplace, an experiment in movement and collision design, which will never work in VR again but is explained here using a browser version:

Documenting and organizing all my stuff is getting tricky, as it has become spread across so many sites and subjects. So organizing by theme was fun… my Christmas/Winter-themed work includes videos, VR work, music, crafts, and crossovers between each. Someday I dream of all my stuff being organized and accessible on this website but we’ll start with Christmas and call it a win, for now.

I wrote extensively about Child in a new post over on Patreon, if you’re curious to hear more about my art game and the music and sound behind it:

Vi Hart