Crowdfunding Nowfunding! And Halloween update.


1stly: I’m Crowdfunding!

We’ve been ramping up the Patreon campaign over the past few weeks, and the response has been pretty overwhelming, with almost a thousand new people pledging to support me with their hard-earned dollars, for a total that is now over $5,000 a month!

It has been successful enough that I’ve decided to pursue this crowdfunded Vi Hart thing, above other opportunities. I mean, having been a starving artist in the past, I REALLY appreciate a stable salary with benefits. But given how people have stepped up to support me, I’m confident that we can do this.

Here’s the short video I posted for that:

Surprisingly, the push to YouTube (where I have over a million subscribers) resulted in a much smaller bump than the push a week earlier to Twitter (where I have 66k followers). It makes some sense because the people who follow me on Twitter are the ones who particularly care about my work, and also the ones much more up to date on what sort of work I do on a day-to-day basis. Many YouTube subscribers have no idea what I’ve been spending most of my time on for the past 4 years, so it’ll take some output before they’re convinced.

I like the Patreon page because it’s an easy place to share updates and things I wouldn’t share with the public. Also, in a place where everyone is invested in my wellbeing, there’s a much higher level of discourse than on any other platform I’ve posted on… I can actually respond to comments and have discussions with people about things!

I’ve also been updating progress on my new video studio I’m setting up. I’m going to have separate dedicated work surfaces for filming, editing, and other, which is something I’ve wanted to have for the past 10 years and thanks to your support it is FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 12.08.01 PM

Stay tuned on Patreon for studio updates as we spruce up the place and add more equipment.

I could really still use your help though! When we hit 5k, part of me was very excited. 5k a month is the median income in the US. Of course, the other part of me could not help but endlessly calculate what that comes down to after the 10% or so pledges that will have payments declined or withdrawn, the 10% that goes to credit card fees and Patreon’s cut, then taxes, and how much tax can I write off for which business expenses, and that the median US income isn’t meant to cover the costs of office space, studio space, video audio and VR equipment, software subscriptions, internet services and hosting, piano loan, piles of books for research… indeed, the median book ownership in the US definitely doesn’t reflect my needs…

But I do have the support I need to throw myself into this new endeavor with full confidence that this will work, and I’m lucky to have inherited a lot of equipment from previous people and jobs. As I output more work I’ll get more funding, and most people still don’t know that I’ve just left 6 years of institutional support and need to crowdfund if I am to continue my work. So, we’ll get there.

On Nov 1 we’ll collect the very first round of Full Time Vi Hart Stuff pledges! If you want to be in it from the beginning, head on over to

2ndly: Spiders Forever!

I took a little time to finish a video that has been on the backburner for years, just in time for Halloween:

It is a dance piece. There are no spiders in the video. I’ve heard it’s very creepy, though!

One of my hobbies, when waiting in line or bored somewhere or hanging out somewhere where there’s music, is doing tiny dances. Dances that use just one finger or toe or knee or whatever, or then multiple tiny rhythms and practicing getting them going together. Before we had cell phones we had to make up our own pocket-sized games. It’s the same aesthetic as doodling in math class, even if it comes out in the form of weird spider videos…

When I first read Dune, there was some line about how Bene Geserrit witches have such control over every muscle in their body that they can move even a single pinky toe in isolation. This is the kind of thing I practice when I’m bored (or while reading Dune), and then I end up with tiny dances that sometimes want to go to spider music.

The music alone is available for free download on Soundcloud.

I trained extensively in dance for a large portion of my young life, so it’s satisfying to make professional use of those skills. Although in a sense I’ve been using those skills all along—many dance skills transfer to music, mathematics, and VR. My body has developed intuitions regarding space, time, rhythm, symmetry, etc, that are hard to articulate in any language besides dance. Embodied knowledge, and all that.

I love dancing so much! I also love dancing just a little.

I guess that’s all the updates for today!