Dragon Scales, motivation and stuff.


The final installment of the Dragon series is done.

You can download it via torrent or on vimeo:

Here’s part 1 via torrent or vimeo, and part 2 via torrent or vimeo.

I am glad to be done with this series. I wrote the first draft of what had been a video on L-systems sometime around February, and when after finishing the monster project Twelve Tones I decided a quick easy doodle video from a script I had a draft of would be a fun thing to do before moving on to another more ambitious project. Instead, it’s October and I’m finally posting the last in a three part series on fractals, with another independent video on mathy-logarithm stuff in the pipeline.

I’ve been making Doodling in Math Class videos for three years now, long enough that I get tired of repeating the old form, but not so long that I don’t keep coming up with new ideas for them, thinking “oh but this would make such a good doodling video! It would be so quick and easy.” Work never goes as quick as anticipated. I think that’s the the technical definition of work.

When I find myself not wanting to work on a thing, usually because unexpected delays make it drag on, I ask: “What can I do to make this fun for myself?”

Sometimes the answer is simple as adding snakes, puns, and existentialism. The weirder a thing gets the more motivated I am to finish it, because I no longer know just what the finished effect will be. When I’ve had enough experience with a thing that I truly know how it will turn out, and the finished form looks just as it did in my head, I feel no motivation to actually do the thing. When it could all go wrong, life is fun!

Other times the answer is in how I do it, things that don’t noticeably affect the finished video: challenging myself to keep really good posture while I film and to grab sharpies super gracefully, or to edit my script in an unusual setting, or as I did today, to order my favourite takeout and see how much video I can edit before it arrives. Part of the creative challenge of my work is to keep coming up with things like this, because “see how fast I can edit this video” doesn’t work very many times before I need to start adding new layers. Being your own boss is great! My boss is nuts.

I’ve promised myself that the next thing I do will be different enough to keep my attention without any trickery. In the mean time, I hope you like the new video! I worked hard on it, and ate all the food!