How To Make A Hexaflexagon

Hello! I have finally made a video with my tips and tricks for Hexaflexagon making!

I put patterns and the video series on

So I’m a full-time Vi Hart now, with most of my income coming through crowdfunding on Patreon! The Patreon is almost at the level of sustainability for me, though not quite, so I decided to do something new and sell shirts this month. Turns out it’s a good time to sell shirts because it’s Black Friday, and the entire store is 20% off! Many sizes/styles already sold out so if you’re interested go here:

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.25.00 AM

I’m super excited about these shirts because I finally came up with a shirt idea that I’m happy with, something fun and useful that can help spread the joy of math. I could never bring myself to sell some boring branded shirt that I don’t feel adds more to the world than any other random shirt, and I also wouldn’t want to do it unless I could have shirts available for a range of body types, which isn’t generally the economic thing to do. But we’re proving that well-thought-out ladies and kids shirts can sell! In fact, some of the sizes only have a handful left in stock.

So it’s all very exciting, and between that and the Patreon I’m doing fine, and thanks to people hopping on board my Amazon wish list I’m re-stocked with the supplies and equipment I need for my December projects!

My goal for December is to not feel pressured to release more than 1 video, because 3 was definitely too many, even though they were all “easy” videos where I’d already done most of the script/concept work previously. And I’ve got other projects I’d like to spend time on! And maybe I will take some days off for the holidays! My piano is getting tuned tomorrow and I have new microphones to learn to work with and music music music :D

Oh and I just realized I neglected to post the new Calculus video to this blog. Here it is: