How to RSS

I like RSS! I like choosing what internet stuff I consume, without “most popular” or “recommended for you” algorithms deciding what I have access to.

The rss feed for this blog is

I’m still heartbroken that google decided that people choosing exactly what they want to see is no longer a popular option worth supporting. Since the shutdown of Google Reader, I’ve been trying out Feedly. I use it for blogs, webcomics, and youtube videos. Did you know all youtube channels have an RSS feed?

My YouTube rss feed is

You can replace “vihart” with any channel name in that url to get that channel’s rss feed. For example, the rss feed for my second secret channel is

But you can just subscribe to if you want updates on everything I post on both my channels plus whatever other crazy stuff I might post.

There are also other Vi-relevant feeds, like the eleVR blog feed (my VR research group):

If you are still confused, sign up for an rss reader like Feedly or something on this list, and somewhere it should let you add feeds. Then start noticing that all the websites you visit have rss feeds, and that if you put those feeds into your rss reader, suddenly everything you like is all together and happy on one page. Rejoice in your individuality and the exercise of your “free will”, for your individual consumption of this unique set of rss feeds will fill your brain with different things than those who all consume the same “trending” content. I bet you are the greatest. Hello!