List of Torrents

[this may be a bit out of date; hopefully humans are keeping the torrents alive but results not guaranteed. Try the Giant List of Videos to find vimeo links you can download videos from!]

These videos are CC-NC. You are free to download them and share them and do anything non-commercial that you want to do with/to them.

At the moment I’m adding all new videos here, and am slowly going through the backlog to get them available as well.

How I Feel About Logarithms 11/18/13 (also on YouTube)

How To Toothpaste (not math! Not math at all!) 10/27/13 (also on YouTube)

Doodling Dragon Scales (logarithms day 3) 10/22/13 (also on YouTube)

Doodling Dragon Dungeons (logarithms day 2) 10/18/13 (also on YouTube)
Doodling DRAGONS (logarithms day 1) 8/18/13 (also on YouTube)

Twelve Tones 6/27/13 (also on YouTube)

Sound Braid 06-13-13 (also on YouTube)

How to Draw a Perfect Circle 5/9/13 (also on YouTube)

Reel 3/30/13 (also on YouTube)

Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments 1/21/13 (also on YouTube)

Folding Snowflakes, Starflakes, Swirlflakes, Sphereflakes, and Space-Time (folder of 3 videos) 12/13/12 – 2/3/13 (also on YouTube)

Thanksgiving Dinner: Optimal Potatoes, Green Bean Matherole, Borromean Onion Rings, and Turduckeneneduckenen (folder of 4 videos) 11/17/12 – 11/21/12 (also on You Tube)

Hexaflexagons series (Folder of 4 videos) 10/1/12 – 10/24/12 (also on You Tube)

Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots 8/21/12 (also on YouTube)