Pi Day 2017: Venn Piagrams

Well, it’s 3/14/2017, time for the 7th annual Vi Hart Pi Day video:

This came after months of kinda obsessing over diagrams and Venn diagrams in particular. It started with reading Lakoff and Johnson’s “Philosophy in the Flesh” and deciding to try making embodied container schema of various sorts in virtual space:

During the research for the writeup I did on that project, I read John Venn’s original 1880 paper, and was inspired to try some embodied Venn diagrams, eventually creating an entire Venn Diagram House:

The writeup on the Venn Diagram House has more on the motivation and takeaways from that. Relevant for this post is that after creating the ovenn with venn burners, it seemed obvious to put a venn pie in there. Making one for real didn’t seem too interesting until Pi day started looming near, and I do have a tradition to keep, so that’s how that happened.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 5.01.31 PM

But first, I continued making virtual Venn stuff, including an entire interactive Venn Diagram Museum of Geometry, Topology, and Algebra. When working on the geometry section, doing an exhibit on the Reuleaux triangle seemed obvious because they’re so much fun, and as long as I’m doing intersections might as well do a bit on the Vesica Piscis, so that was in my head when I started working on the Pi day video.

Here’s the writeup on the Venn Diagram Museum and a walkthrough video:

The above virtual projects are public in Anyland for Vive, if you’ve got one. And if you’re interested in other virtual projects like this or want updates on these projects when they happen, check out elevr.com.

Happy Pi Day!