Giant List of Videos

I’ve made a lot of videos! Here’s a spreadsheet of info/links, and a list of torrents below that.

I am not very good at spreadsheets or webpages; I am only good at videos. The table below was output from this spreadsheet of my videos and some of the values are cut off, but basically there’s:

-The name of the video
-When it was made
-What license it’s under (all rights reserved, creative commons noncommercial, or public domain)
-Notes (if it’s an old unlisted draft, or to note that it includes other people’s IP)
-YouTube ID (you can use this to construct or search YouTube URLs of various types)
-Vimeo URL
-Which YouTube channel, if any, it has been uploaded to

Original Upload
License Notes Old YouTube video ID Vimeo URL channel
The Sound of Paper: Paper
6/7/09 All Rights Reserved Performed with humans y07LWM2Rz4o vihart
Burning Paper Instruments:
Autorequiem for Tube Harp
6/7/09 All Rights Reserved Performed with humans caFMauLQvd4 vihart
The Sound of Paper: Paper
6/7/09 All Rights Reserved Performed with humans jDZnOTsymVQ vihart
Harry Potter Septet: His Eyes
are as Green as a Fresh Pickled Toad
6/7/09 All Rights Reserved Has Harry Potter in it pUqqrJm1tYE vihart
Mobius Music Box 8/9/09 CC-NC 3iMI_uOM_fY vihart
Pachelbel’s Music Box Canon in
10/5/09 CC-NC 3a9wWRxYSko vihart
Harry Potter Septet: Filth,
Mudbloods, Scum!
10/12/09 All Rights Reserved Has Harry Potter in it Z8kWVSQGqZc vihart
Burning Paper Instruments –
Last Quintet
12/13/09 All Rights Reserved Performed with humans AKNdHEqXeUw vihart
Doodling in Math Class: Binary
11/16/10 CC-NC e4MSN6IImpI vihart
Doodling in Math Class: Stars 11/20/10 CC-NC CfJzrmS9UfY vihart
Doodling in Math Class: Snakes
+ Graphs
11/27/10 CC-NC heKK95DAKms vihart
Doodling in Math Class:
Infinity Elephants
12/2/10 CC-NC DK5Z709J2eo vihart
How to eat Candy Buttons like
a Recreational Mathemusician
12/7/10 CC-NC OOLIB3cjFqw vihart
Doodling in Math: Sick Number
12/15/10 CC-NC Yhlv5Aeuo_k vihart
The Gauss Christmath Special 1/3/11 CC-NC sxnX5_LbBDU vihart
Hyperbolic Planes Take Off! 1/10/11 All Rights Reserved Has pictures of people’s stuff qsE2UKkIKXU vihart
Snow Day: You’re a Linkage! 1/16/11 CC-NC 56kLZ6s1rTQ vihart
Wind and Mr. Ug 1/17/11 CC-NC 4mdEsouIXGM vihart
Hourglass Racing 2/6/11 CC-NC zytCrpmKiVc vihart
How To Snakes 3/6/11 CC-NC Gx5D09s5X6U vihart
Pi Is (still) Wrong. 3/14/11 CC-NC jG7vhMMXagQ vihart
Oh No, Pi Politics Again 3/30/11 CC-NC XJtLSLCJKHE vihart
Binary Hand Dance 3/31/11 All Rights Reserved Music from Christopher Hart OCYZTg3jahU vihart
Re: Visual Multiplication and
6/8/11 CC-NC a-e8fzqv3CE vihart
Stop-Motion Sillyband Fight 6/14/11 CC-NC ktW43nEqcDg vihart
Tiny Mutalisk 6/15/11 CC-NC Unlisted easter egg aNW4vDgQW7M vihart
Origami Proof of the
Pythagorean Theorem
6/22/11 CC-NC z6lL83wl31E vihart
Doodling in Math Class:
Squiggle Inception
8/6/11 CC-NC ik2CZqsAw28 vihart
What is up with Noises? (The
Science and Mathematics of Sound, Frequency, and
8/20/11 CC-NC i_0DXxNeaQ0 vihart
Low-Frequency Blues 9/9/11 CC-NC OZASEvUWyCw vihart
Doodling in Math Class:
Triangle Party
12/8/11 CC-NC o6KlpIWhbcw vihart
Doodling in Math: Spirals,
Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [1 of 3]
12/21/11 CC-NC ahXIMUkSXX0 vihart
Announcement: Vi Hart and Khan
Academy Join Forces!
1/3/12 CC-NC e1a6Bxc0OYQ vihart
Doodling in Math Class:
Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [2 of 3]
1/9/12 CC-NC lOIP_Z_-0Hs vihart
Doodling in Math: Spirals,
Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [Part 3 of 3]
1/20/12 CC-NC 14-NdQwKz9w vihart
Open Letter to Nickelodeon,
Re: SpongeBob’s Pineapple under the Sea
1/24/12 CC-NC gBxeju8dMho vihart
How to Find the Lucas Angle 1/24/12 CC-NC RRNQAaTVa_A vihartvihart
Crazy Snail 1/24/12 CC0 xbsAUq_nvxE vihartvihart
vihartvihart New Channel Intro 1/24/12 CC-NC eUkJfezNaZg vihartvihart
Angle-a-trons 1/30/12 CC-NC o6W6P8JZW0o vihart
Postscript to Open Letter to
Nickelodeon Re: Pineapple
1/31/12 CC-NC sFTwc8kHSu4 vihartvihart
Sidenote: Magnolia Spirals 1/31/12 CC-NC UThbvZnUjJM vihartvihart
Notes and References for:
Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant
1/31/12 CC-NC POKWkuwoihM vihartvihart
Math Improv: Fruit by the Foot 2/1/12 CC-NC Am-a5x9DGjg vihart
Polygon-a-trons and the
2/1/12 CC-NC uniqFnmcllE vihartvihart
Hourglass Racing 2 2/5/12 CC-NC 1unzLnH3LGU vihartvihart
Wau: The Most Amazing,
Ancient, and Singular Number
2/9/12 CC-NC GFLkou8NvJo vihart
Fractal Fractions 2/13/12 CC-NC a5z-OEIfw3s vihart
Khan Academy Office: A History 2/29/12 CC-NC OagOm4VCzBQ vihartvihart
Googly Eyes 3/1/12 CC-NC DSOypzRagrI vihartvihart
Are Shakespeare’s Plays
Encoded within Pi?
3/13/12 CC-NC uXoh6vi6J5U vihart
Two Non-Repeating Non-Normal
Numbers (re: Pi and Shakespeare)
3/14/12 CC-NC 8PUJvAlD64k vihart
9.999… reasons that .999…
= 1
3/24/12 CC-NC TINfzxSnnIE vihart
Why Every Proof that .999… =
1 is Wrong
3/27/12 CC-NC wsOXvQn3JuE vihart
Rhapsody on the Proof of Pi =
4/5/12 CC-NC D2xYjiL8yyE vihart
Doodle Music 4/30/12 CC-NC Av_Us6xHkUc vihart
What was up with Pythagoras? 6/12/12 CC-NC X1E7I7_r3Cw vihart
A Song About A Circle Constant 6/22/12 CC-NC FtxmFlMLYRI vihart
How To Make A Video About How
To Make A Video About How To Make A Video…
7/3/12 All Rights Reserved 4gZ5rsAHMl4 vihart
Sonnet on a Higgs-Like
7/4/12 CC-NC -qzqIHj4uGI vihart
Sonnet on a Higgs-Like
Particle (old version)
7/4/12 CC-NC Unlisted on YT 5kXdSmAJeu4 vihart
They Became What They Beheld:
Medium, Message, Youtubery
7/13/12 CC-NC bm-Jjvqu3U4 vihart
Crazy Snail 2: Ain’t More
Thing To Climb
7/17/12 CC-NC UkSN-kqAmxw vihartvihart
Dialogue for 2 7/27/12 CC-NC dBVoIUASFS0 vihart
Doodling in Math Class:
Connecting Dots
8/21/12 CC-NC v-pyuaThp-c vihart
Join Us! YouTube Next EDU Guru
Call Out Video
9/13/12 All Rights Reserved Unlisted after event YTbIDwgYVKo vihart
Hexaflexagons 9/30/12 CC-NC VIVIegSt81k vihart
Hexaflexagons 2 10/6/12 CC-NC paQ10POrZh8 vihart
Hexaflexagon Safety Guide 10/13/12 CC-NC AmN0YyaTD60 vihart
Flex Mex 10/24/12 CC-NC GTwrVAbV56o vihart
Scary Sierpinski Skull Time 10/30/12 CC-NC z8ZWlUamNPI vihart
Optimal Potatoes 11/15/12 CC-NC F5RyVWI4Onk vihart
Green Bean Matherole 11/17/12 CC-NC XwIs1nlDQ2I vihart
Borromean Onion Rings 11/19/12 CC-NC 4tsjCND2ZfM vihart
11/21/12 CC-NC pjrI91J6jOw vihart
Snowflakes, Starflakes, and
12/13/12 CC-NC 8EmhGOQ-DNQ vihart
Sphereflakes 1/9/13 CC-NC toKu2-qzJeM vihart
Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments 1/21/13 CC-NC 7IJyRAUxtAQ vihart
Folding Space-Time 2/3/13 CC-NC WkmPDOq2WfA vihart
Singing Pi-Gram 3/13/13 CC-NC 4C9PALaDh2U vihart
Reel 3/30/13 CC-NC WU3AlAOCxN0 vihart
5 Reasons We Like 5 Reasons
4/7/13 CC-NC _cyw3ncjnH8 vihart
How to Draw a Perfect Circle
(without the how-to part)
5/8/13 CC-NC Unlisted on YT cW4Mub3R5JY vihart
How to Draw a Perfect Circle 5/9/13 CC-NC QncgmzH6yQU vihart
Sound Braid 6/13/13 CC-NC VB6a4nI0BPA vihart
Twelve Tones 6/27/13 CC-NC 4niz8TfY794 vihart
Sharpie Song 8/5/13 CC-NC C4ft7sUK9jg vihartvihart
Doodling in Math Class:
8/18/13 CC-NC EdyociU35u8 vihart
Doodling in Math Class: Dragon
10/18/13 CC-NC dsvLLKQCxeA vihart
Doodling in Math Class: Dragon
10/22/13 CC-NC Oc8sWN_jNF4 vihart
How To Toothpaste 10/27/13 CC-NC ecTZHtHPmio vihartvihart
How I Feel About Logarithms 11/18/13 CC-NC N-7tcTIrers vihart
How To Microwave Gracefully 1/13/14 CC-NC T9E0zSpULFY vihartvihart
Cookie Shapes! 3/3/14 All Rights Reserved Has pictures of people’s stuff _n1126GoxbU vihart
Anti-Pi Rant, 3/14/14 3/11/14 CC-NC 5iUh_CSjaSw vihart
Breaking Boxes 4/12/14 CC0 6napUiklofI vihartvihart
Socks Cannot Be Ghosts 4/12/14 CC0 tbzxWxTnC84 vihartvihart
Net Neutrality in the US: Now
5/6/14 CC-NC NAxMyTwmu_M vihart
Crazy Snail 3: Every Thing 5/18/14 CC-NC BW-tzEKwD7g vihartvihart
How many kinds of infinity are
6/5/14 CC-NC 23I5GS4JiDg vihart
Proof some infinities are
bigger than other infinities
6/19/14 CC-NC lA6hE7NFIK0 vihart
The Reverse Cantor 7/14/14 CC-NC MqUWS4o_nkY vihart
Transcendental Darts 7/18/14 CC-NC Swm8tTLWirU vihart
The Process By Which Repeated
Opinion Becomes Fact
10/20/14 CC0 NWPFY-mV7gY vihartvihart
12 12/23/14 CC0 ioF07-EjXxc vihartvihart
Anti-Pi Rant, 3/14/15 3/12/15 CC-NC 2E9m6yDEIj8 vihart
Eye Test 3/26/15 CC-NC l_QzDK3EEUs vihartvihart
On Gender 6/8/15 CC0 hmKix-75dsg vihart
360 Video for Tau Day 6/28/15 CC-NC S3xOB-Bigc8 vihart
Infinite Trees Are Super Weird 9/15/15 CC-NC BEz-vGJvaik vihart
Bicameral Hallucinations 9/21/15 CC-NC Zw-SVZXrA3o vihartvihart
Happy “Happy
Birthday” Day!
9/25/15 CC-NC AVo0Q8G8tS8 vihart
as I think I am 10/6/15 CC-NC lNaOThW95Rk vihartvihart
Shepard Tones 10/20/15 CC0 PwFUwXxfZss vihart
Float: a Puzzle Game for VR 11/24/15 CC-NC 3sot0wSx46s eleVR

List of Torrents

[this hasn’t been updated in years; hopefully humans are keeping the torrents alive but results not guaranteed. Vimeo links from above spreadsheet might be a better bet]

How I Feel About Logarithms 11/18/13 (also on YouTube)

How To Toothpaste (not math! Not math at all!) 10/27/13 (also on YouTube)

Doodling Dragon Scales (logarithms day 3) 10/22/13 (also on YouTube)

Doodling Dragon Dungeons (logarithms day 2) 10/18/13 (also on YouTube)
Doodling DRAGONS (logarithms day 1) 8/18/13 (also on YouTube)

Twelve Tones 6/27/13 (also on YouTube)

Sound Braid 06-13-13 (also on YouTube)

How to Draw a Perfect Circle 5/9/13 (also on YouTube)

Reel 3/30/13 (also on YouTube)

Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments 1/21/13 (also on YouTube)

Folding Snowflakes, Starflakes, Swirlflakes, Sphereflakes, and Space-Time (folder of 3 videos) 12/13/12 – 2/3/13 (also on YouTube)

Thanksgiving Dinner: Optimal Potatoes, Green Bean Matherole, Borromean Onion Rings, and Turduckeneneduckenen (folder of 4 videos) 11/17/12 – 11/21/12 (also on You Tube)

Hexaflexagons series (Folder of 4 videos) 10/1/12 – 10/24/12 (also on You Tube)

Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots 8/21/12 (also on YouTube)